Company History

The story of Coronal Development Services begins with HelioSage Energy, a greenfield solar development firm launched in 2008. Focused primarily on serving utilities, over the next several years the HelioSage team executed more than 400 megawatts of power purchase agreements with the likes of Duke Energy, Georgia Power Company, and the Tennessee Valley Authority, and amassed a pipeline totaling more than 1.5 gigawatts. In addition, from 2012-2014 HelioSage served as the exclusive solar consultant and transaction advisor for Dominion Resources (NYSE: D), participating in the origination, due diligence, and acquisition of 230+ megawatts now owned by Dominion.

In early 2015, Coronal Group, a leading alternative energy solutions provider maintaining an exclusive strategic partnership with Panasonic Eco Solutions, acquired the majority of HelioSage Energy’s assets and formed Coronal Development Services, LLC. Today Coronal Development Services is an end-to-end development platform integrating the strength and experience of HelioSage, Coronal, and Panasonic, thereby delivering clients and investors with unparalleled capabilities and peace of mind.